Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flying Saucer

Kuwait City, Kuwait

As we climbed into the bulletproof van for our drive to Kuwait University we couldn't help but wonder what the turn out for our show will look like. We set up and waited backstage people started to trickle into the large theater. By show time the room was almost full and a few minuets later the place was packed! Our crowd was primarily young people with some families and folks in traditional Arab dress also in attendance. The audience was enjoying our program from the first tune, with shouts, hand clapping and seat boogie-ing. During one of the educational elements, a group of eight students joined me on stage for a fun filled harmonica lesson. As the lesson unfolded I moved from student to student with the microphone to hear everyone’s interpretation of the choo-choo train. About half way down the line one of the young men began playing a genuine Blues riff! Wouldn't you know it, a ringer. The crowd went nuts and I replied by saying that I must be a really good teacher. Everyone loved it.

Upsettin' in every way!
I am constantly moved by Joey's ability to conjure real and powerful emotion with his music. As he played Midnight Hour Blues I had to stop and admire this beautiful blues being played by a true master. As Joey's music washed over me, images of my dear Elizabeth and home sweet Oklahoma came into my mind and heart. My eyes filled with tears and I realized that I must pull myself together before I really started to blubber into my harmonica. After the show we spent the better part of an hour signing autographs and posing for photos. What a peak experience on our final night in Kuwait.

On the drive back to the hotel our new friend, Salama, took us to the best shawarma place in town for a late night snack. We all took turns a applying American food chain names to the shawarma concept…McShawarma, Shawarma King, Shawarma Bell, Shawarma Hut, Long John Shawarma’s… nauseum. Salama drove us back via the scenic route and we marveled at the city skyline. All of the architecture is incredibility modern and futuristic. We stopped the van to admire and photograph the fantastic Kuwait Towers. We all agreed that seeing the city at night offers a surreal perspective that is unbelievable. It’s kind of the Jetsons of Arabia….incredible!
The LJMQ at the Kuwait Towers

At breakfast on Thursday I met Zac Brown in the restaurant. Zac is on a USO tour of the region and is headed to Iraq, God bless him. On the 2010 Grammys show, Zac had Tulsa’s own Leon Russell performing with him. The Zac Brown Band has lots of cool videos on Youtube. Check out his hit “Chicken Fried” and enjoy his great American music!

Later today we are flying to Oman for the last country on this incredible Rhythm Road Tour. I am told that our hotel is located on the seaside and Oman is very beautiful. Our brief experience in Kuwait has proven to be another unique opportunity to offer our Blues to folks and to successfully exchange our different cultures.  I can't wait to see what adventures await us in Oman.

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  1. I enjoy keepin' up with your adventures. Checked out "Chicken Fried" by the Zack Brown Band. Big fun music. Here's the URL: