Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm a Stranger Here, Just Rolled Into Town

Manama, Bahrain
Joey & David in the Garden of Eden
The LJMQ arrived intact in Bahrain last night after a long air journey with no problems. We recieved the VIP welcome into a posh airport lounge while David Eddington expedited the paper work, so when the time came we just strolled through like big Blues VIP's.

We are staying at the Golden Tulip Hotel in downtown Manama. Last night we walked a few blocks to the Paradise Cafe for a wonderful dinner of Middle Eastern food. Everyone had something different and the food was great and cheap. My meal cost 3.50 BD about $15. The paradise will be our home away from home while we are in Bahrain. Robbie, Ronnie and Joey awoke about 4 am to the sounds of a call to prayer. My room is on the back side of the hotel, and I didn't hear it, I was either didn't hear it or was so passed out, probably the latter.

This morning, the hotel had a gigantic breakfast buffet, full of fruits and waffles, eggs, cheese, hummus, even bacon. There were lots of sweet juices....watermelon juice, strawberry juice, etc... Some people believe that Bahrain might have been the Garden of Eden! I can see why.
Robbie & Joey in Bahrain

Ronnie and Joey took a walk around the neighborhood this morning and we're starting to feel like we're really here! This afternoon we're going to go to a market area and look for the hook-up on some rugs and pearls for our girlfriends back home.

Tomorrow is a full day of programming. We'll be at Abdulrahman Kanoo International School in the morning, on Bahrain Radio with DJ Krazy Kevin in the afternoon, then Masterclasses at the Bahrain Music Institute in the evening. We finish off the day with a TV interview with an English speaking TV station. Should be fun.

As the blues song says, A stranger is just a friend that you don't know. I'm looking forward to making lots of new friends.

Much more later,


  1. Thanks, cousin -- this is a fabulous way to keep up with you! Keeping you and the whole group in my prayers. Much love!

  2. Wow Bernie! I'm in awe of your opportunity. They are so lucky to have y'all there. And watermelon juice! Sounds great. Cat