Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've Got Ramblin' on My Mind

Tulsa, OK
That's one fine Salvador Dali tie!
Joey said his grandfather gave it to him and it's his favorite.
The countdown to the Rhythm Road is on. We have only a few more days until we leave on this incredible odyssey to the other side of the world. I look around at Springtime in Oklahoma, with the last bit of winter in the form of a weekend snowstorm, and daffodils and tulip trees blooming amid it all. I know that the climate in the Middle East will be very different, and I'm anxious to see and feel the warm sea breezes and the desert air.

"A horse of a different color"
Blues in the Schools at Putnam City, OK
I'm finishing up with my schools here in Oklahoma. I recently had a wonderful experience working with students at the Putnam City Academy near Oklahoma City. I taught Blues in the Schools to high school kids over a 2 day period. I couldn't help but wonder what the young people in the Arabian peninsula will be like. Will the classrooms there will be similar to this one pictured from Putnam City, with a fine statue of a blue Arabian horse? Or maybe there will be a beautiful multi-colored dromedary in the background of the Arabian classroom? From my experience, kids are kids, wherever I go. There are many different cultural identities to respect, but once the connection is made with our music, I know that it will speak volumes and transcend any barriers that may exist.

In the next few days, we'll be finalizing our itinerary with the incredible coordinators at Jazz at Lincoln Center and the various embassies where we'll be guests. At this point, it looks like we'll be scheduled to play in some very diverse settings. We'll be at several schools, embassies, playing concerts and holding workshops at universities....we're even doing a radio interview in Bahrain with DJ Kraazy Kevin! I can't wait.

We played our last few gigs in town before the trip. We had a great time playing at Bodean's and Ciao's in Tulsa. Many friends came out to hear about our adventure and offer encouragement and support. I'm a very fortunate guy to have so many friends that I care about and who care about me. Now, it's time to organize and continue packing. I'm wondering how many shiny suits and pointy shoes will fit in my suitcase....

Next post will be from Bahrain!

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  1. Hi David

    I see you are heading for Bahrain

    I have some professional contacts in the architecture and interior design world working in Manama as we speak (including a couple of US citizens who might like a reminder of the old country!)

    If you could let me know where and when you and the band are playing I could let them know and you could get a few ex pats in the audience

    all the very best for the tour - I may be in Bahrain and Jeddah (KSA) around the 10th of April so again lets me know your dates and venue -you never know we could meet up in the desert

    Mark Boyland
    London UK